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Rohit Iyengar is a multi-talented, globally-minded entertainment industry executive with a diverse set of skills and professional experience.

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The Story

An Indian, born in Saudi Arabia, raised in the United Arab Emirates and educated in the United States – Rohit is truly a global citizen. He completed the rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) at the age of sixteen and then completed his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Arts + Science “Magna-cum-laude” from Columbia College Chicago at the age of nineteen.

During high-school, Rohit also ran a YouTube Channel which led to the formation of SPR Productions:  an end-to-end digital-video firm targeting corporate clients. The business model was simple: keep creating simple attention grabbing videos which showcase the company’s strengths; then reach out to your audience for referrals. The success of the Music Video “Malls of Dubai” in August 2011 generated so many inquiries that it became a challenge to manage along with the 12th grade IBDP workload!


The SPR Productions model provided steady work during college while also being a collaboration platform. During the summer, Rohit worked with Dharma Productions and Cinevistaas Ltd. in Mumbai, India.  Funnily enough, the Dharma crew was already familiar with SPR Productions – owning to the success of “Bhajan 2012” earlier in the year! Rohit’s self-taught Audio Engineering skills – showcased on YouTube – also got him an on-campus job as Teaching Assistant for Audio Production I, usually reserved for students who have actually taken the class!

After graduating, Rohit moved to Los Angeles, California and worked in content development at Captivate Entertainment: the production company behind The Jason Bourne Series, located at Universal Studios; production with Hearst Digital Studios and talent representation at the GVA Talent Agency (now Concept Talent Group). Rohit's last assignment in L.A. was as the Manager of International Deliveries in charge of Technology, Quality Control & Logistics at Principal Media: a leading Film & TV distribution company.

Since then, Rohit has traveled across the United States; shot and edited a Vlog-series of his Road Trip (HERE); taken online classes in computer science and computer programming and interned with an interactive-software studio. He is currently  consulting for Beacon Energy Solutions, with whom he has conducted research to assess the feasibility of the new Indian Transportation Model (HERE) designed to improve our Urban Transportation, whilst also exploring the world of Improvised Theater to get over his stage-fright!