Intro to Musical Improv


Around February of 2017 I was introduced to the world of Improvised Theater a.k.a. Improv. I watched Improv shows and then took classes which, in addition to making me a better improviser, improved by communication skills and self-confidence. For the past year, I’ve been a musician for different improvised shows, led musical improv practice sessions and met amazing people from all around the Improv world.


Intro to Musical Improv is my way of sharing a little of what I’ve learnt, with the rest of the Improv community. The four-part video series below is a summary of Musical Improv Basics designed for individuals with little or no previous singing or Musical Improv experience. Hopefully this will give you a taste of what Improv is all about and encourage you to explore more!



What is Musical Improv? - Intro to Musical Improv Pt. 1/4

Musical Improv is a branch of Improvised theater a.k.a. Improv. Improv is a form of theater, where most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted: created spontaneously by the performers. Musical Improv adds spontaneous songs to the mix!

How Songs Affect Scenes - Intro to Musical Improv Pt. 2/4

Adding Spontaneous songs to Improv scenes can move the plot forward, explore the emotions of a moment and help your scene connect with the audience.

Initiating Improvised Songs - Intro to Musical Improv Pt. 3/4

An actor can repeat a line of dialogue twice while taking a few dramatic steps to the front of the stage, a musician can start playing a consistent rhythm underneath the scene or someone could just yell SING IT!

What to Sing? (Catchphrase) - Intro to Musical Improv Pt. 4/4

There are many techniques on how to create improvised songs in the moment. This video keeps things simple by using the catchphrase technique to create songs with a 4-line verse and use the last-line of the verse to inspire a chorus.

Comment below with any questions about Musical Improv, and we will answer them in a future video!